To start playing the game, all users must agree to the Game Rules and End User Agreement, but for some, the temptation to game the system is high. Rigged battles are probably the most unsportsmanlike violation of the rules, sabotaging the competition and upsetting honest players.

Definition of Rigged Battles

Rigged battles are unfair battles in which the participants agree upon a predetermined outcome to enable some of the players achieve high stats and rare in-game awards.

It takes time, patience, and thousands of battles to gain experience and master the game mechanics. To be fair, the players with high statistics enjoy well-earned respect from their fellow commanders. However, there are users who opt for the unfair and easy way to success—that is, a rigged agreement with other players. Rigged battles follow a predetermined scenario: enemies (and sometimes, even allied players) stay largely inactive during the battle, and the "hero of the occasion" destroys enemy vehicles unhindered, dealing huge damage to static targets and augmenting the earned experience. Another example of rigged battles is an event or a campaign where players are supposed to compete for awards.

Thus, dishonest players achieve excellent results, which gives them an unfair advantage over the users whose achievements are well-deserved. This is obviously not the way things ought to be, so we are always on the lookout to track down and penalize such unsportsmanlike conduct.

Detection and Penalty

The countermeasures against rigged battles are tough and unmerciful. Both the players who organize rigged battles and the players who participate in them are penalized with a long-term or even permanent ban.

A sure way to track down violators is monitoring for suspiciously high battle and session results. Players who report violations are also a great help. It should be noted though that suspicion alone doesn't suffice, but if you have evidence proving that a rigged battle took place, such as screenshots or replays, please contact Player Support right away. We will thoroughly check the case and take measures.

World of Tanks has seen several waves of bans related to rigged battles. In fact, rigged battles are the biggest reason why players get banned from the game.

The severity of measures is here to stay, so think twice if rigging is the right way for you to try to achieve great results in a battle. At the end of the day, only duly deserved achievements bring real joy and a sense of fulfillment. Want to learn more about the game features and the ways to upgrade your skills? See the World of Tanks Guide