Financial Fraud

Some of you may have seen websites or auctions offering World of Tanks Gold at lower prices. These offers are fraudulent! 

Most people, even Wargaming employees, buy Gold from the Premium Shop at the same prices you do. Any external offers for Golds discount are scams -- few would give it away purely out of good nature. The only legitimate ways to get Gold are through the Premium Shop, as a reward via in-game events, or as income via the Clan Wars Global Map. In all of these cases, the Gold is directly deposited to the player's account, and it cannot be transferred.

Scammers tend to offer Gold at unbelievable prices. Don't believe it! Their goal is to fool players into sending them money. Once they get the money, the scammer buys Gold from the Premium Shop at the regular price, often with a stolen credit card (known as "carding"). They send the player the agreed amount of Gold as a gift, but soon, once the true owner of the credit card discovers the unauthorized activity, they revoke the transaction. At that point, the goods are removed from the account that received them. If you/the recipient spend any of the Gold, the account is banned until the funds are returned, in accordance with Wargaming policy.

A less common fraud method is when the scammer uses their own funds to send the gift, then cancels the transaction themselves. Either way, the player loses money, their account (temporarily), and the scammer gets away with the money.

What Happens When a Payment is Withdrawn?

Once a payment is canceled or withdrawn, the in-game goods are removed from the account. If the goods are unavailable or used, the account is banned. We then charge the same amount as the canceled transaction to reinstate the account. Therfore, the responsibility falls on the owner of the account.

When an account is banned due to fraud, we ask the user to share any information on the scammer. Where was the offer displayed? Was there any direct contact with the "seller?" Any info on who the person was? In the case of fraud, we reserve the right to keep the account banned, depending on the situation. Accepting any of these fraudulent offers only leads to a loss of time, money and the account.

What's the Legal Situation?

All claims on fraudulent purchases must be made to the individual who sold you the Gold. Wargaming Administration doesn't get involved, nor are we responsible for what happened. For example, if someone acquires fake dollar bills, they can't just exchange it for real money. The same applies when dealing with Gold scammers.

For this reason, we strongly recommend buying Gold only on the official World of Tanks Premium Shop. is not responsible for those participating in frauds and scams.