Normandy Tanks: M4A3(76)W Sherman

The  VI M4A3(76)W Sherman  is a Tier VI Premium American medium tank. It‘s one of the three reward vehicles of Battle Pass Season XIV, and also a typical Sherman with the standard set of these armored vehicles' "family" strengths and weaknesses.

The M4A3(76)W is mobile and thus able to change map directions and flank enemies with ease. (The latter is important as armor penetration values aren’t stellar and engaging enemies head-on is not the most productive approach.) Its 76 mm gun has good handling parameters, a maximum depression angle of –10°, and a base DPM of 2,000 points. Terrain-based play is advisable as you should hide the tank’s bulky hull and relatively weak sides from the enemies.

The in-game M4A3(76)W Sherman is a unit that survived the beaches of Normandy and has experienced some modifications since. It is equipped with a bocage cutting device and is prepared to wage war away from supply lines, carrying everything necessary for field repairs. Sandbags on the front of the hull are the crew's attempt at improving their vehicle's protection.

Grab the Normandy-themed "Way to Victory" mission active until September 1!


Mission Brief



  • ×1 Training Booklet (USA)
  • ×2 Case of Cola
  • ×2 Large Repair Kit
  • ×2 Large First Aid Kit
  • ×2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher


  • Be among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned six times



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